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Open Daily
11:30AM - 1:30PM
5:30PM - 9:30PM (Last Order 9:30PM)

Sushi Tokiwa
Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays
Summer Hours 7/28/2024 – 8/25/2024: Closed for lunch on Wednesdays and Sundays, open for dinner daily

In compliance with the law, we will be checking IDs when serving alcohol. Please note that only valid original forms of ID will be accepted. Thank you for understanding.

Private Dining
Reservations Available

Presenting a sleek and serene aesthetic, the Japanese art of minimalism takes center stage in Restaurant Suntory's latest redesign. The refined dining spaces feel intentionally well balanced, taking on a neutral color palette mixing earthy tones and rich color accents tied together with artfully aged wooden panels that pay homage to the splendid whisky barrels that solidified Suntory’s status as the global leader of fine spirits. Illuminated with soft, natural lighting, the result is a luxurious yet subtle ambience that allows diners to enjoy authentic Japanese food with all five senses.

Restaurant Suntory features four unique dining areas: Sushi Counter, Teppan Room, Washoku Room, and an upscale Lounge — along with one Private Room for intimate gatherings.

Sushi - TOKIWA

Sushi dining area

The finest seafood and the smoothest sake can be found at Restaurant Suntory’s elegant sushi counter, Tokiwa. Hidden away and out of sight in a private section with its own immersive atmosphere, the contemporary counter space is stewarded by sushi masters, who are skilled in the artful preparation of the ocean’s greatest delicacies.

Omakase gives the sushi chef creative freedom by entrusting the selections for the meal entirely to them. By participating in this unique experience, you can rely on the considerable knowledge of the skilled artisans to present you with a fresh, carefully chosen array, each piece an intentional accent of the greater whole.

With just 9 seats around the counter, this intimate sushi experience is regarded as one of the best on Oahu. For more information on the menu concept and pricing, please visit the Sushi Tokiwa page.

*Note: Sushi Tokiwa is closed on Wednesdays (Lunch and Dinner) and Fridays (Lunch),


Washoku area

Washoku (和食) is another name for traditional Japanese cuisine. The term was coined to distinguish the country’s local fare from its western-influenced cuisine, known as yoshoku (洋食). Washoku is often presented as a beautiful arrangement of dishes, each with a harmonious balance of flavors and colors to reflect the season in a way that encompasses the Japanese aesthetic. Examples of washoku at Restaurant Suntory include tempura, katsu, donburi, grilled fish combinations, soba and udon noodles, locally made tofu, hot pot (sukiyaki and shabu shabu), and more.


Private Room

Private Room

Perfect for all types of celebrations, company parties, and other special gatherings, Restaurant Suntory’s private dining room seats up to 12 guests and provides a chic, comfortable setting tucked away from other customers.

We kindly ask that guests pre-order from the menu when booking the Private Room. Please note that there is a required minimum spend for lunch and dinner.

  • Lunch: Minimum of $400 (food and beverages)
  • Dinner: Minimum of $1,000 (food and beverages)

All Private Room reservations must be made through email.


Teppan area

Teppanyaki (鉄板焼) is a style of Japanese cuisine that seats guests around a flat iron griddle to witness the chef’s culinary skills up close as the meal comes together from start to finish. While often referred to as Hibachi, Teppanyaki is the appropriate term for cooking over the solid grill top, whereas Hibachi refers to a grill with a grate. The teppanyaki menu features multiple courses with appetizers and sides included, ensuring a well-rounded lunch or dinner to satisfy the hungriest diners. Exquisite ingredients (such as USDA Prime beef, Miyazaki Wagyu, lobster, abalone, and foie gras) are readily available to create the ideal feast and have it cooked to perfection before your very eyes.




As one of Japan’s oldest and largest brewing and distilling companies, Suntory has produced some of the most iconic beverages in the world. An enticing draw for whisky enthusiasts would certainly be Suntory’s award-winning Hibiki, Yamazaki, and Hakushu, which are available by the glass or in a cocktail. The Waikiki restaurant also serves Suntory’s prized pilsner (and Japan’s top-selling beer), The Premium Malt's. Other drinks on the menu include Japanese craft spirits such as Suntory Whisky Toki, Roku Gin, and Haku Vodka, Japanese sake, shochu, wine, tropical cocktails, and nonalcoholic options. Cocktail mixers include matcha green tea and Suntory Midori Melon Liqueur.

In 2022, Restaurant Suntory will inaugurate whisky tasting events and other special private events in the lounge.