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About Restaurant Suntory in Waikiki

Oahu's Longtime Favorite Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant Suntory first opened its doors on September 15, 1980 in Waikiki, where it remains the last original tenant of Royal Hawaiian Center. Over the years, Restaurant Suntory has built an impressive reputation among locals and travelers alike for consistently delivering exceptional Japanese dining experiences that emphasize authentic dishes, quality drinks, and unparalleled omotenashi (hospitality).

Owned by Suntory Holdings, the restaurant is part of an international chain that was created with the goal of sharing Japanese culture and cuisine in foreign countries under the Suntory brand name. Hawaii has long been a place that many Japanese people love visiting and even relocating to, so the tie between these two island nations is very clear. In addition, Hawaii’s status as a global destination for paradise seekers makes it an ideal choice for welcoming visitors from all corners of the world.


Message from our Executive Chef

Don't you feel like the time is passing faster nowadays?
While everything around us is moving forward with astonishing speed, we all need a moment to stop and look around. Feel the breeze, feel the ground, feel the water. Hawaii's nature has always been there, waiting for us to stop.

At Restaurant Suntory Honolulu, we want to be the place for you to feel the surrounding "nature and time" with our Japanese hospitality.
Treat yourself.
Take your time.
Let our food take you to Japan.
Let us guide you through.
All while enjoying the nature and time in Hawaii.

We strive for better every day to make you fall in love once again with the harmony of washoku and Hawaii.

Thank you for choosing us to be part of your moment.

May your time in our restaurant be forever memorable.

Go Kamikubo,
Executive Chef