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Japanese Food Menu

The combination of outstanding cuisine, ambience, and hospitality makes a visit to Restaurant Suntory feel like hopping on a plane straight to Japan for lunch or dinner. Meticulously prepared with incredible ingredients and the trademark techniques of authentic Japanese cuisine, explore our many different Japanese dining experiences below. Choose the one to satisfy your craving or opt for a multi-course combination set that gives you a little taste of everything.

Sushi (寿司)
An unforgettable night filled with delicious sake and the ocean’s greatest delicacies await you. Specializing in high-end sushi and kaiseki-style courses, our elegant sushi bar is home to one of Hawaii's best omakase experiences. Witness the creativity and expertise of elite sushi masters from Japan as they craft each bite perfectly with the finest ingredients and freshest seafood available.

Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き)
Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that seats guests around a flat iron griddle to witness the chef’s culinary skills up close as the meal comes together from start to finish. The teppanyaki menu features multiple courses with appetizers and sides included as well as exquisite ingredients (such as USDA Prime beef, Miyazaki Wagyu, lobster, abalone, and foie gras) readily available to create the ideal feast.

Washoku (和食)
Washoku is another name for traditional Japanese cuisine. It is often presented as a beautiful arrangement of dishes, each with a harmonious balance of flavors and colors to reflect the season in a way that encompasses the Japanese aesthetic. Examples of washoku include traditional kaiseki, tempura, donburi, grilled fish, soba and udon noodles, sukiyaki and shabu shabu-style hot pot, and more.


* All pictures are for reference only.


* All pictures are for reference only.


* All pictures are for reference only.


* All pictures are for reference only.