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Japanese Food Menu

The quality of our ingredients and the meticulous preparation by our highly trained chefs are what take Restaurant Suntory's Japanese cuisine to the next level. To help with understanding our menu, here are some helpful vocabulary words.

Teppanyaki: a style of cooking that uses a hot, flat iron griddle (called a teppan) that is widely used to cook food in front of guests.
Washoku: another name for traditional Japanese cuisine, often consisting of multiple small dishes that are made with a variety of seasonal ingredients and presented in a beautiful arrangement filled with flavors and colors encompassing the Japanese aesthetic.
Zen: a small table or tray used to serve a meal for one person.
Don: a shortened version of "donburi," which stands for rice bowl.

Please note that our sushi bar is closed on Wednesdays.


* All pictures are for reference only.


* All pictures are for reference only.


* All pictures are for reference only.