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Japanese Food Menu

The combination of outstanding cuisine, ambience, and hospitality makes a visit to Restaurant Suntory feel like hopping on a plane straight to Japan for lunch or dinner. Meticulously prepared with incredible ingredients and the trademark techniques of authentic Japanese cuisine, explore our many different Japanese dining experiences below. Choose the one to satisfy your craving or opt for a multi-course combination set that gives you a taste of everything.

Sushi (寿司)
An unforgettable night filled with the ocean’s greatest delicacies await you. Specializing in high-end sushi courses, our elegant sushi bar, Tokiwa, is home to one of Hawaii's best omakase experiences. Witness the creativity and expertise of elite sushi masters from Japan as they craft each bite perfectly with the finest ingredients and freshest seafood available. Sake and wine pairings are also available.

Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き)
Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that treats guests to a front-row seat around a flat iron griddle as multiple courses are prepared before their very eyes. Choose from a selection of different proteins and a la carte items, including luxurious Miyazaki Wagyu, USDA Prime beef, lobster, abalone, and foie gras. Appetizers and sides are typically included.

Washoku (和食)
Encompassing Japan’s traditional fare, washoku is a term that covers the likes of kaiseki (multi-course meals highlighting seasonal ingredients), shabu shabu and sukiyaki-style hot pot, tempura, donburi, noodles, grilled fish, tsukemono, and other similar plates.

Allergy Warning
Please be advised that Restaurant Suntory does not have an allergy friendly cooking environment. All of our food is prepared in the same kitchen area and therefore, may contain allergens. Restaurant Suntory cannot be held liable for any issues or reactions caused by food allergies/sensitivities. Please make your menu selections with that in mind.
  Seating Area and Menu Ordering
Please be advised that Teppanyaki menu items cannot be ordered if you are seated in the Washoku dining area. Similarly, Washoku dishes are not available if you are seated in the Teppan dining area.

Weekly Lunch Special

Our new lunch specials include the "Hanakago-zen" (a classic collection of iconic Japanese favorites) along with a weekly rotation of the himono (dried fish) set and donburi (rice bowl) set meals that range from $24 - $36. For specific details, please ask our staff.

Weekly Lunch Special

Shunsai-zen Lunch Special: April and May 2024
Kaiseki-style Set Menu

Only 18 servings per day at $46 each. To request this menu, first secure a lunchtime reservation for Washoku dining through Resy. Then, email your request for the Shunsai-zen menu to with your name & reservation date.


  • Smoked Salmon, Blanched Vegetable, Homemde Macadamia Nut Tofu
  • Sashimi: Tuna, Kanpachi, Amberjack with Radish
  • Washu-Gyu Tomosankaku Steak with Spicy Miso
  • Seared Cucumber
  • Mixed Salad
  • Seasoned Rice with Mountain Vegetable, Miso Soup
  • Grapefruits Jelly with Sakura Juice


* All pictures are for reference only.
* Tax & Gratuity Not Included.


Lunch (Set Menu): $26


Dinner (Course Menu): $85

* All pictures are for reference only.
* Tax & Gratuity Not Included.


Enjoy your favorite temaki sushi right at your table with both lunch and dinner.

* All pictures are for reference only.
* Tax & Gratuity Not Included.


* All pictures are for reference only.
* Tax & Gratuity Not Included.


* All pictures are for reference only.
* Tax & Gratuity Not Included.